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419 262 886 R.C.S. BERGERAC
327 voie romaine
24100 LEMBRAS [France]
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The present site is accommodated on the waiters of the society :
2 rue Kellermann
59100 Roubaix [France]
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This site raises French and international legislation on royalties and intellectual ownership. In these conditions, any resumption is subordinated to the agreement of the owner of the site by virtue of the article L. 122-4 of the Code of intellectual ownership.

For the respect of the rights of their authors, the link which will be established will have to specify that the site of origin is that of "TEPEX the straight burden checker".

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Links hypertexts of the present site were accomplished towards other present means on Internet network which should not forbid them specifically.

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The owner authorizes any Internet site or quite other support to name the present site or to set up a link hypertext clocking in towards his contents.

The approval to create a link is valid for any support, except for those broadcasting information with polemical, pornographic character, xenophobe or being able, in a broader measure to undermine the feelings of the biggest number.

Respect for private life and for personal data

In accordance with Computer law and Freedom n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 changed, relating to the protection of the natural persons regarding data processing with personal character, a right of access and correction envisaged in articles 34 and following practise by post who must be transmitted at following address : CODA TECHNOLOGIES - 327 voie romaine - 24100 LEMBRAS [France].


Web standards were one of the main concerns of the designer during the creation of this site. In particular, the separation between the text and the layout was carried out.

Publication director : Eric WARTELLE • Hosting : OVH - 59100 Roubaix [France]

Publication director : Eric WARTELLE
Hosting : OVH - 59100 Roubaix [France]

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